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While it’s definitely thoughtful to offer assistance before the funeral after the funeral is when many individuals and families need help the most. If you’re not sure how to support a grieving family, you’re not alone. Death and dying are topics that many of us avoid because we’re uncomfortable or simply don’t know the appropriate ways to help someone come to terms with their loss.  

In the days following the funeral, you can support the grieving family by letting them know that you’re available as needed. If you think a phone call is too intrusive, send a text message or an email. Just let them know that you’re thinking of them and want to help in any way you can. View Obituaries offers you a platform to share everlasting memories of your loved one.

First step when your beloved dies

There are few things more difficult than coping with the death of a loved one. On top of the emotional strain of losing someone you love, you also may find yourself planning a funeral, tending to final wishes — and settling important financial issues.

But when you are dealing with the immediate struggles of coping with a death, it can be difficult to know what needs to be done or where you should start. Here are seven important financial considerations highlighted by View Obituaries. (1) Get a death certificate, (2) Begin the probate process, (3) Contact the deceased banks, etc., (4) Contact insurance companies, (5) Contact government agencies, (6) Notify credit reporting agencies, (7) Prepare final tax filings.

Our Obituary Services

View Obituaries is committed to helping you honor your loved one in the most professional and respectful manner possible.  We can take a step by step approach to helping you create your printed and digital obituary so that you will have something that you and your family and friends can really be proud of.

We can create custom-designed programs, printing consultations, timely turnaround, and the highest of quality programs in the industry.

Funeral Printing Services

We print obituaries in several different forms and designs to fit your needs. Fast turnarounds and overnight shipping to your state.

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